Impact Windows & Doors

Impact windows protect your home from blunt force trauma during storms, burglaries, neighborhood children, and other sources of trauma. Put ‘R Up is a an authorized PGT impact window supplier, providing top quality impact window products to you and your family.

PGT impact resistant windows are designed to handle impacts from a 9 pound 2×4 flying at a blistering 34 miles and hour. This mimics flying objects such as small tree branches that have detached and have struck a window during a hurricane.

Storms and hurricanes also include heavy rain PGT windows are stress tested against continuous water pressure to ensure that leaks don’t make their way into your home.

During a storm pressure is often generated and released in cycles almost like the storm is doing bicep curls against your windows. This type of pressure can cause lower quality windows to slowly work their way out of the framing and cause storm damage to your home. Put ‘R Ups hurricane proof wind resistant windows are selected with cyclic pressure in mind.

Smart Floridians know that an investment in impact resistant windows is a no-brainer. The cost of the windows can easily be offset by preventing one incident. Failure in lower cost options can leave you with heavy water damage, and additional costs for items like boarding of windows before a storm.

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Visual Appeal

Impact resistant windows don’t have to sacrifice visual appeal for functional protection. Put ‘R Up has a wide selection of aluminum and vinyl windows products that look great and provide an upscale Floridian vibe that will leave you smiling and satisfied.

Hurricane proof windows and doors can look great inside and out and frames can be customized to your liking to fit your decor.

Vinyl Impact Windows

interior vinyl impact windows florida
Vinyl Impact Window Interior View
Exterior view of vinyl windows hurricane proof
Vinyl Framed Impact Glass Exterior View

Aluminum Impact Windows

interior photo of aluminum hurricane windows
Aluminum Framed Impact Window Interior View
exterior aluminum hurricane proof door
Aluminum Framed Impact Glass Exterior View

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